Morrison Creed wouldn’t be an accountancy firm without the following services.

We have a team ready and waiting to perform these back-office admin tasks to give you more time to get on with the profitable stuff.

Company dividend preparation

Accurately administering the retained earnings of a company is crucial to avoiding negative taxation consequences through loss of imputation credits or distribution of company reserves prior to company liquidation.  It is also important to manage company risk as much as possible by monitoring the level of company retained earnings held.

Morrison Creed will advise you on the relevant imputation credit balance for your company. We will also prepare the statutory company documentation to record the payment of a dividend and Inland Revenue Department (IRD) forms to record the resident withholding tax payment.

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

We will prepare and file your annual FBT returns to ensure the tax you pay on non-cash benefits your company employees receive is correct.

Fringe benefit tax may be applicable to:
•    Company cars
•    Free, discounted or subsidised goods and services
•    Low-interest loans
•    Employer contributions for schemes such as, insurance plans, pension schemes, and private sickness, accident or death benefits.

Goods and Service Tax (GST) returns

Staying on top of GST returns can be one administration task too many for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
You can hand over this job to us and we will make sure the bookkeeping is accurate and you never risk missing a deadline.
And, we can report back on your current results to keep you in the picture about your business performance.
It’s a great opportunity for Morrison Creed to have a two-monthly check in with you.

Payroll services

Employing people has several responsibilities and operating a correct payroll system is not-negotiable.
We can manage your payroll, ensuring legal obligations are met for annual leave, public holidays, sick leave and parental leave.
Laws keep changing and we stay on top of the changes, so you don’t find yourself in strife.
We can file PAYE returns and make appropriate payments to stop your company from missing deadlines.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) management

Another not-negotiable element of every business in New Zealand.
Morrison Creed will manage your ACC account and check you pay the appropriate levies.
We can also advise on the pros and cons of different cover options for self-employed people and employers.
We can point you in the right direction to become an accredited employer, which will reduce your work levy.

Tax planning

That word – tax – makes most business people flinch.
Our proactive approach ensures you claim for everything your business is entitled to and you also meet your tax obligations.
Morrison Creed will support your business, removing the headaches that can come from managing taxation and communication with IRD.
By accurately preparing your tax, GST, FBT and PAYE returns on time, we can let you concentrate on the things your love about being in business.
And, should you find yourself in the middle of an IRD audit, we are there to manage the process with you.
We will also liaise with the IRD if you have a dispute or an outstanding tax refund.
We will keep you up-to-date with reminders about tax payments throughout the year, so you never miss a payment and risk a penalty.

Trust administration

The Morrison Creed team can give you experienced advice on establishing a tax effective trust structure to protect your hard-earned assets.
We will implement a structure to minimise taxation, considering all implication on your business and family.