Xero Heroes


Having a great team and investing in great systems, enables us to work with great clients and achieve great outcomes.

  • Right from the start there was a commitment to break the mould and shift from traditional tax compliance work to business advisory services.

    It was a bold move, but the partners knew it was the best service they could provide for small to medium businesses (SMEs) in the Manawatu region and surrounds.

    When Morrison Creed first opened its doors on the corner of Main Street and Victoria Avenue business technology was in its infancy.

  • Where Xero launched onto the stock exchange and changed the playing field. Then accountancy took its first steps from desktop computer technology to cloud-based number crunching and Morrison Creed enthusiastically adopted the new system.

    The forward-thinking team has the resources and tools to pursue their passion for business advisory services. And with Xero, SMEs have the tools and the resources to accurately manage bookkeeping tasks

  • With Mike Creed and the pair applied business growth principles to the company.

    Cloud-based systems enable them to quickly identify potential commercial problems and act promptly – in the same manner they achieve for their clients.

    The speed of technology allows them to rapidly support clients and produce timely business reporting within hours.

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Many staff have been with Morrison Creed for more than a decade and their work day remains challenging and exciting.

The team gains personal satisfaction from helping clients achieve what they want from their businesses.