I have recently completed the Life Organiser Document. What a valuable document to have sorted, knowing that all our important details and information are stored in one place.
Dan Pitchforth.

We met with Mike and Rahui to discuss our business and following that meeting it was clear we needed a plan, a business plan. During the business planning session we identified our goals, both short term and long term and set targets for these to be achieved.
APB Electrical 2008 Limited.

The timing never seemed right to embark on creating a business plan but once the decision was made and time was set aside to run through the process we’ve never looked back.
Following the business planning session we came out with a clear plan of what the business goals were for the next 12 months.
Trevor Newland. L W Electrical 2013 Limited

We embarked on the business planning session with Morrison Creed to ensure we were both on the right track and to ensure future business success. We found the session assisted us to organise ourselves and plan for the future.
Michael and Jenny Long. M & J Shoes

Changing to Morrison Creed has been amazing for my business, they met with me and we agreed on our targets for the year, they have held me accountable and the result is the best year I have ever had.
Tina Jarvis. Insurance Online

Morrison Creed took me through a risk management review, which highlighted some areas of concern.
Malcolm Anderson. Anderson's Veterinary Hospital

It is so refreshing having you doing our books - and doing such a blo*dy good job! Hooray!”
Kris and Veronica Eaton. Manawatu Farmers

Our biggest challenge prior to completing the business planning session was putting a plan in place to bring new ideas into the business.
Lachie and Kristen Campbell. SES Limited

Morrison Creed Presentations - The presenters are all so knowledgeable and really know what they are talking about but they don’t talk down to you.
Sarah Downes. Jungle Tamers

Our biggest challenge prior to completing a business planning session was making time to sit down together to discuss what we needed to do and how to do it.
Prain and Sue Irving, DoormaticsNZ Ltd.