Morrison Creed is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

As Chartered Accountants, we prepare end-of-year financial reports for our clients.

The following are our standard financial reports.

  • Profit and loss statements: To identify expenses, income and profitability. Annual statements enable you to identify changes, performance and assist with budget preparation.
  • Balance sheet: Identifies the company’s assets, liabilities and equity at the end of the financial year. The information gives you a snapshot of your company’s financial position.
  • Statement of changes in equity: Shows changes in the capital balance of your business for the year. This includes adding income earned during the period to the beginning capital balance and subtracting cash you draw form the business.
  • Depreciation schedule: Identifies the end-of-year book value of your company’s assets, including vehicles, plant and equipment.
  • Shareholder current accounts: If your company is registered this report shows the value of funds lent either to or from the company to a shareholder.

In New Zealand, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has minimum requirements for businesses financial reporting.

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