Online survey tools allow you to easily design and conduct your own surveys, providing a cost effective alternative to printing and posting client feedback forms.

BLOG: Creating an online customer survey

Before you start:

  • Register an account with your chosen survey website. This should be as easy as choosing a user name and password. No money should change hands
  • Follow the help guidelines and familiarise yourself with the process from start to finish
  • Review the pricing options - a free version may suit you. If not, decide on a starting payment plan depending on your level of use - it’s likely you can upgrade at any time

Now you’re ready to create…

  1. Define your objectives: What will be the focus of your survey.
  2. Work backwards: Once you’ve established your objectives, determine the information you wish to gather.
  3. Check for bias: Make sure you’re not asking leading questions or offering biased multi-choice answers. This will only lead to inaccurate feedback or annoy your customers.
  4. Test-drive your survey: Engage an independent party to test it - they’ll let you know if your questions and response options are understandable and logical.
  5. Collect your results and analyse the data: As data rolls in from your survey you should gain an accurate client insight and important future direction for your business.
If you feel you’re not savvy enough to design your own survey, your chosen survey website can probably develop your questions and design your survey for a minimal fee. It should be as simple as supplying them with your logo etc.