Email Best Practice Tips

BLOG: Netiquette: Email Best Practice Tips

  • Don’t use sarcasm or dry humour in an email. It can be very hard to recognise tone in a written email and your comments may be misconstrued.

  • If it is particularly difficult to convey something, ask someone else to read your email message before you send it, or follow up (or precede) the email with a phone call to the recipient.

  • If you are going to send a large attachment (over 1MB), ensure you check with the recipient first. Particularly if it is a home email address, if they are on dial-up or satellite broadband it may choke their bandwidth. If you can, upload the file online and email a link to the recipient.

  • Don’t forward hoax emails. Check forwarded emails at to ensure they don’t contain a complete fallacy that will make you look gullible.

Before you hit send:

  • If your email is emotionally charged, save it to draft and wait half an hour before you send it. Re-read it (or have someone else read it) and make sure what you are sending is professional, or don’t send anything at all. Read, read and re-read your email message before you send it to make sure no odd typos have crept in.

  • Re-check the email address. You don’t want to accidentally send an email meant for a co-worker to a client.