As working remotely moves toward standard practice, the internal management of virtual employees will become increasingly important.

BLOG: Managing the Virtual Workplace

Virtual managers must anticipate communication breakdowns and have the skills at hand to minimise the effects. Some simple suggestions:

  • Get staff to communicate their hours and current pipeline tasks to the team

  • Instant message or email staff where you have a quick question

  • Schedule daily phone/skype updates to keep an eye on their workload and progress

  • Have monthly staff meetings over coffee and scones

  • Celebrate staff birthdays

  • Have quarterly staff planning and training days

  • Bring the staff together for formal social engagements

  • Out of sight, out of mind? Remember to reward great work!

Recognise the warning signs. If a staff member is missing deadliness then nip it in the bud and get the communication back on track. Remember that everyone enjoys working in different ways - there is no right or wrong. Try to focus on the results and outcomes, not the process.