Great testimonials will build a prospective customer’s trust and confidence before they buy.

BLOG: Getting great testimonials

  • A testimonial is much more than a quote about how ‘really great’ your product or service is - a testimonial needs to state effectively how and why something is great, from a reliable and relevant source.

    You can’t afford to wait for clients to offer a testimonial. Even when you have the best product or service this very rarely happens. Be proactive and actively source testimonials from that growing database of satisfied clients. If this fails to produce a glowing testimonial then at least you’ve gained insight and strengthened customer relationships. They’ll appreciate that you go the extra mile.

    Step 1. After someone has purchased your product or service, send them an email asking how they’re enjoying it. Ask for some direct feedback about their experience. More specifically, ask them several simple questions:

    • Were you sceptical before you purchased?

    • How was the buying experience?

    • Why did you specifically choose our product/service?

    • What specific benefits have you had since using this product/service?

    • Who would you recommend this product/service to and why?

    Step 2. Combine the answers to form a testimonial (75 – 100 words), ensuring all objections and concerns have been covered.

    Step 3. Ring or email the client to say you really appreciate their feedback and ask if you could base a testimonial on it. ‘I’d love to use it in my website and marketing collateral.’ If they’re happy with your

    Step 4. Say thanks by sending them a gift or product voucher.

    Try to engage with clients whose testimonials will highlight the key aspects of your product or business. Aim to source a range of quotes covering the quality of your product/service through to the brilliant customer service you provide.

    Focus on your key selling points and make sure your testimonials highlight aspects relevant to your target market.... And obviously if a client does sing your praises voluntarily, repeat the necessary steps to get that testimonial!