It's all very well us asking you to prepare your records to bring into them. Many businesses are not sure what to do with the questionnaire they receive from their accountant at year end. You are required to complete the questionnaire, sign it and return it with the appropriate supporting documents. However many clients receive these questionnaires and don't know what they are for or what is expected of them.

BLOG: Can We Help YOU With Your Year End?

What we need from you is a summary of the years' financial transactions and some sort of proof that the summary is accurate. The proof required includes the supporting documents such as bank statements, hire purchase documentation and lists of outstanding invoices to customers and from suppliers. We also require the GST calculations, legal fee invoices, invoices for any large repairs and maintenance items and information of any assets purchased.

If you have a computerised accounting programme it may not be accurate, how do you know it doesn't contain incorrect data. To assist you, we offer a service where someone from our accounting software team will come out to your business and review your computerised accounts and print all the information required by us. We will ensure everything balances in the way it should and help you with issues such as writing off bad debts. We can also help you complete the annual client questionnaire.

Or maybe it's that time of year where you want to review your internal accounting systems and procedures to provide you with better information in the upcoming new financial year.

If you would like assistance with your accounting software system, please contact our office on (06) 353 6901.