Putting together a proactive plan with your accountant to prevent any surprises and additional costs in the future creates better decision making for both short & long term benefits.

BLOG: Better Decision Making - Planning for the future

Consider this scenario...

Jonny Casual has a family trust that has owned a house on 5 acres of land for a few years which is located at the edge of town. With the expansion of town towards Jonny's land he decides to register the trust for GST, subdivide the land into town sections and sell them off... all without any discussion with his accountant. Jonny misses the country life and decides to sell the house which is now on a town sized section for a seemingly large capital gain. After all this has taken place the accountant is preparing the trust's annual accounts and Jonny is extremely unhappy when the accountant advises him that the sale of the original house is subject to both GST and income tax!

This is a timely reminder that before undertaking any major projects to contact us first and discuss what you are planning on doing. The relationship that you have with us will develop in a positive fashion, rather than the negative scenario of Jonny Casual above.

Additionally, we are continually trying to provide a better service to you and as a result the new client service plans include phone and email support to assist you in engaging us positively.